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Lessons from the Playroom

Aug 30, 2022

Lisa is joined by an incredibly important person in her life - an individual that she is excited to introduce you to (...someone outside the field of play therapy that you may not have heard of) - Jayson Gaddis is an author, podcaster, speaker, “personal trainer for relationships”, and is a global leader on interpersonal conflict and connection.

In this podcast episode, they explore conflict and how it shows up in all our relationships - the relationships we have with our clients, their parents/caregivers, and in our personal relationships. Here's what you'll learn ...

  • The two reasons why conflict is so hard to talk about;
  • A new view/understanding of conflict that you've likely not considered before;
  • Why being overly-careful in relationships is a disservice, even in your therapeutic relationships;
  • How to lean into the uncomfortable experience of conflict and embrace conflict in all relationships);
  • How to recognize and start to work with your own activation (transference/countertransference) within your relationships; and
  • Tips to navigate hard conversations in both personal and professional relationships (including what L.U.F.U stands for and the 3 most impactful words you can say to transform any relationship).

You’ll also hear Jayson and Lisa role play and model what these hard conversations can look and feel like - super fun!

Plus hear/read one of the coolest and funniest bios of this entire podcast series  Jayson Gaddis got tired of complaining that street-level relationship skills are not taught in school, so he founded The Relationship School®, an impact-based company dedicated to helping individuals, couples and teams work out their differences in order to have indestructible relationships. He is the creator of Interpersonal Intelligence® and Present Centered Relationship Coaching® and the Getting To Zero Method™. His new book Getting to Zero: How to work Through Conflict In Your High Stakes Relationships was voted Editors Choice, Best non-fiction, and Best Leadership and Business book in 2021 on Amazon. He’s been married to his amazing wife since 2007 and has two beautiful kids. They live in Boulder, Colorado. When he doesn’t live and breathe this relationship stuff with his family, he pretty much gets his ass handed to him.

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