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Lessons from the Playroom

Mar 30, 2021

Sometimes we think we're feeling, when we're not ... Sometimes we think we're creating space for our clients to feel, when we're not ... And sometimes we are encouraging avoidance when it's hard to stay in our window of tolerance. 

Join Lisa in this podcast that's all about reflecting on our own inner experience and gives understanding to this lifelong journey we're all on of learning how to feel at deeper levels so we can help our clients do the same - It's an invitation to look at our relationship with our emotions and how that impacts our clients. As well as getting curious about the parents/caregivers' experience with their own emotional landscape and how to help them to really understand the importance of being with the child's emotions instead of trying to fix/change/make it better. 

Other podcasts that might be helpful on your journey of becoming aware of the feelings that you try to numb, avoid, move away from or that tend to flood and make it difficult to stay in your window of tolerance are:

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