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Lessons from the Playroom

Aug 17, 2021

In this 100th episode, the tables are turned once again and Lisa is interviewed about being a "Third Culture Kid" (TCK), what it means, and how it has influenced the creation of Synergetic Play Therapy®.

Lisa is interviewed by Judy Norman, Certified SPT Therapist and mother of two TCKs who also spent over a decade of her adult life living abroad. Join Lisa and Judy as they discuss some of the challenges faced by Third Culture Kids (e.g., identity crisis, lack of sense of belonging, and relational struggles) that can show up in your play therapy session, as well as the many beautiful strengths and gifts that can emerge from the experience of being a Third Culture Kid. They’ll also give you strategies and techniques to connect more deeply with these children, and support them in cultivating a deeper relationship with themselves. 

Judy Norman is a Certified SPT Therapist, SPT Supervisor, SPT Consultant, and creator of the Synergetic Approach to Education. Judy is founder of the Braindrops Play Therapy & Wellness LLC. She has been working in some capacity in the field of education for over 20 years, as a School Counselor, a District Social Emotional Learning Coach, and national presenter on creating trauma-sensitive schools. Judy teaches the SPTI course - One Foot in Education: Exploring Education through an SPT Lens.

And join us for the next 100 episodes - new journey, new learning, more deeper and masterful conversations. Join Lisa and special guests as they share with you some of the many lessons they've learned along the way from their own experiences and study, and the lessons they've learned from children they've worked with, so that you can support children in the best ways possible.

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