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Lessons from the Playroom

Dec 21, 2021

We’re ending the year with our most requested topic - Working With Childhood Sexual Abuse 

In this episode, Lisa Dion is joined by Sueann Kenney-Noziska whose work with sexually abused children and adolescents is absolutely remarkable. In addition to maintaining a full-time private practice, she is internationally recognized as an esteemed author, guest lecturer, and professional speaker (... a phenomenal speaker!). Sueann has been educating therapists, courts, and community partners for years regarding the impact of trauma, dynamics of sexual abuse, delayed disclosure, and other matters pertaining to childhood abuse and trauma. 

This episode is packed with so much information, you might want a paper and pen to take notes. And join them in a conversation to explore: 

  • Challenges (and rewards) of working with this population
  • Common dynamics that occur during sexual abuse
  • The disclosure process and why it’s so hard for children/teenagers to disclose
  • Ways to support parents in building relationships with their children for future open dialogue/disclosure
  • How the trauma narrative can look differently for these children and in a play therapy process
  • Ways to navigate this work while taking care of yourself to prevent vicarious trauma/compassion fatigue

Listen to today's episode and let Sueann’s wisdom give you insight and clarity on working with this very special population through the play therapy process.

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