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Lessons from the Playroom

Feb 1, 2022

OMG! - the synergy between Lisa and her next guest is … well, let’s just say, it’s like getting an opportunity to eavesdrop on a beautiful conversation between two brilliant minds!

Kim Barthel is an award winning Occupational Therapist, teacher, and best-selling author who has successfully merged play, Polyvagal Theory and Sensory Processing. Tune in and discover:

*Ways to more deeply understand the body, nervous system activation, and what it looks like in your client;

*How to truly understand a child client’s behavior at a deeper level (hint: it has to do with perception and body movement);

*How to visibly identify confirmation that something has integrated in the child (e.g., their moments of empowerment or deep connection to themselves);

*The biggest misunderstanding about the autonomic nervous system; and

*What regulation truly means, how it’s connected to the body, and ideas for how to regulate more through your own body.

Listen to today's episode and “geek out” with Lisa and Kim on a topic that they both love dearly - Learn how to safely help a child be in their “vessel” and to access a more flexible, adaptable, socially connected, engaged, and playful response through the body.

*Kim Barthel's mission is to support the conscious evolution of the human spirit. Kim is an award-winning occupational therapist, multi-disciplinary teacher and best-selling author who is active in supporting people in many contexts globally. She is passionate about understanding complex behavior, neurobiology, trauma-sensitive practice, attachment and mental health. Kim has 37+ years of practice in helping people to be their best selves. Join her for her online series - Trauma-Sensitive Practice.

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