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Lessons from the Playroom

Dec 16, 2020

"Often the question is, 'Why would we include digital tools in play therapy?" ... But the more important question is, 'Why wouldn't we?!'" -Dr. Jessica Stone *

Join Lisa Dion and special guest, Dr. Jessica Stone, PhD in a lively conversation about demystifying the world of digital play therapy. They explore what digital play therapy is all about, how to speak the digital language of your clients, why we would even include digital tools in our work as play therapists (or more importantly, why wouldn't we?!), and how to take the fundamental tenets of play therapy and apply to the digital world.

Dr. Jessica Stone, PhD is a psychologist, international speaker, sought after clinical supervisor, and renowned play therapist.  She is the co-creator of The Virtual Sandtray, a best-selling author, and developer of Digital Play Therapy. Dr. Stone has been featured for her work throughout the virtual world as an innovator, ambassador of play, and stalwart advocate for the use of digital technology in the field of psychology.