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Lessons from the Playroom

Jan 28, 2021

"With the understanding that a toy can be anything at all, we transcend cultural barriers and socioeconomic status to focus on the relationship and use whatever is in the environment. We also honor that the greatest toy in the playroom is really you, the therapist!" -Lisa Dion

ARE TOYS NECESSARY IN PLAY THERAPY ... In this latest Lessons from the Playroom, we ask the question, are toys really necessary in play therapy? .... Join Lisa in this podcast episode dedicated to therapists around the world who may have limited access to toys.

In this episode of Lessons from the Playroom, Lisa helps us understand what is really at the root of play therapy, what is the purpose of the toy, how to facilitate a child's process even if toys in the traditional sense are not available, and what it really means as the therapist to be the "most important toy in the playroom."  

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