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Lessons from the Playroom

Jun 24, 2021

In this newest episode of the Lessons from the Playroom, Lisa discusses three little, but very important questions she’s been asked by therapists from around the world that will expand your work as a play therapist!...
1) What do we do when we see our clients outside of a session?
2) How do we work with imaginary friends?
3) What do we do when a child refuses to do their chores or another activity they are supposed to do?
And check out part 1 (episode #57) for more commonly asked "little questions" including what to do with broken toys, having food in the playroom, lying in the playroom, and what to do when a child tries to take a toy home.
… Get answers to some of these little questions you might have and may not have learned in graduate school or anywhere else.

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