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Lessons from the Playroom

Jul 20, 2021

Lisa is joined by guest Lynn Louise Wonders. Lynn is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Professional Mentor and Supervisor, Career, Parenting and Relationship Coach at Wonders Counseling Services, LLC. She’s an expert in navigating high conflict divorce and custody cases. 

Listen as Lisa and Lynn discuss how to not get caught in the crossfire of high conflict divorce, what your role is as the child’s therapist, and how to be present for the child so ultimately the child can know their own self and truth in what can be a highly stressful and chaotic situation. 

Plus, you’ll find out how to …

  • Be proactive and prepared so you don't find yourself stuck in these often challenging and painful situations such as getting quality training, reading articles and books, and having consultation experts and seasoned supervisors on speed dial.
  • Keep attuned to the ever-changing status of your own "band-width" when working with high conflict casts. Learn how to put your own self-care first. 
  • Practice grounding and shifting into neutral gear. Don't let parents at war hook you into the chaotic energy of their high conflict (whether they throw that hook at you intentionally or unintentionally).
  • Maintain the child's therapy as their “oasis” when parents are at war and be the “oasis keeper” for the child. 
  • Know your role and stay in your role, and practice this over and over again during the client case. 

Lynn Louise Wonders ( is a licensed and certified professional counselor supervisor in Georgia and a registered play therapist supervisor. She is an author, trainer and professional consultant to child and family therapists around the world. She has helped thousands of therapists learn how to bridge and blend non-directive and directive play therapy approaches prescriptively through her in person and online training events since 2010. She has additional background as a yoga and meditation teacher since 1995.

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