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Lessons from the Playroom

May 9, 2023

In this next Lessons from the Playroom episode, we’re going in a totally different direction. Lisa Dion has a very special guest to talk about perspective - a topic we often don’t talk about enough (... or in some cases, at all!) and the significance of it in our work as therapists and as beings walking through the world. 

Lisa’s special guest is the lovely Dr. Rachel Altvater (Psy.D., RPT-S™). Rachel is an award-winning, pioneering expert, leader, researcher, international trainer, author, and supervisor in the field of play therapy. Her book, “Perspective: Contemplating the Complexities of Our Realities" was just recently published (...and is the main topic of discussion for this episode). She has also published her research in the International Journal of Play Therapy on technology use in play therapy, and is a contributing author in numerous scholarly texts on implementing digital technologies in play therapy practice.

Join Rachel and Lisa in this highly thought provoking and human normalizing conversation that will start to create an alignment with who you are and the perspectives that you hold about yourself. 

You’ll learn about:

  • The birth of Rachel’s new book, Perspective: Contemplating the Complexities of Our Realities,  and how her “brain vomit” practice helped it come into “perspective”;
  • How you come to see yourself, others, and the world (...really how you become who you are!);
  • Why understanding perspective is so important for you to know as a therapist (or as any human being);
  • How to explore the perspectives that you’re holding about yourself (...Rachel gives several questions you can start asking yourself today); and
  • Questions that will expand your awareness about what perspectives you might be holding about others (including your clients).

Enjoy this oh so lovely conversation that ends with a beautiful transition message from Rachel to you - You will never know how far your ripples of healing and connection expand into this world, but the more aligned you are with yourself, the further these ripples will expand in the direction they need to go. 

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