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Lessons from the Playroom

May 30, 2023

Original Air Date: Aug 30, 2022

Lisa is joined by an incredibly important person in her life - an individual that she is excited to introduce you to (...someone outside the field of play therapy that you may not have heard of) - Jayson Gaddis is an author, podcaster, speaker, “personal trainer for relationships”, and is a global leader on interpersonal conflict and connection.

In this episode, Lisa & Jayson explore conflict and how it shows up in all our relationships - the relationships we have with our clients, their parents/caregivers, and in our personal relationships. Plus you'll learn ...

  • 2 reasons why conflict is so hard to talk about;
  • A new view/understanding of conflict that you've likely not considered before;
  • Why being overly-careful in relationships is a disservice, even in your therapeutic relationships;
  • How to lean into the uncomfortable experience of conflict and embrace conflict in all relationships);
  • How to recognize and start to work with your own activation (transference/countertransference) within your relationships; and
  • Tips to navigate hard conversations in both personal and professional relationships (including what L.U.F.U stands for and the 3 most impactful words you can say to transform any relationship).

You’ll also hear Jayson and Lisa role play and model what these hard conversations can look and feel like - super fun!

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